Weekly Improv: The Opposites Show in Austin

Weekly improv comedy show featuring Opposites. Stand-up, sketch and improv opening acts vary each week. Patrick and Mark are dear friends, but their contrary personalities make it difficult for them to tolerate each other for very long. They overcome this obstacle by communicating onstage as the comedy duo Opposites, hiding behind comedic characters and situations in order to convey their true feelings, and improvising an unscripted show along the way. This is your chance to eavesdrop on their conversation and observe the comedy that occurs when conflicting points of view meet. 

It’s hard to leave home sometimes—trust us, we know. But the Villas at Sundance in New Braunfels, Texas believe it is important to not only stay active in your community, but to also express curiosity about new subjects. This event is the perfect chance to spread your roots and learn new things! 

Event Date/Time: 
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 – 8:00 PM 

Event Venue Location: 
The New Movement Downtown 
616 Lavaca 
Austin, Texas 78701

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